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Adriana Halias

Coachability Consultant

I joined as a Coachability Consultant in 2019 while completing my Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Sydney. Happily, I have found that working at Coachability has further ignited the passion for Capability and HR that I have developed through my studies and prior experience. I am loving the journey of applying my learnings from university in a fast-paced environment and expanding my knowledge; gaining real life experience with industry leaders.

Prior to joining Coachability, I held roles in Training and Development and Customer Service at a tech-based SME and completed a HR internship with a law firm last year. I gained significant early experience as a Crew Trainer and Customer Experience Leader at McDonald’s, where I was employed for five years. During my tenure, I created and delivered customised training programs to new and existing employees, which were focused around McDonald’s food handling procedures and customer service fundamentals.


My exposure to leadership was enhanced after being selected to join a leadership development program in Canada in 2018. I was fortunate to visit several renowned Canadian organisations and participate in workshops with industry professionals; gaining broad knowledge and insights into the future of leadership development globally.


I am thriving on the many challenges recruitment brings on a daily basis and am passionate about connecting with young sales and marketing professionals and offering guidance and direction as they navigate the twists and turns of their careers. My time is also spent working with Coachability's sister companies: Carrera and Engageability  – which provide further opportunities to use my creative and critical thinking skills in providing solutions for our clients. 

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