"It's what you learn after you know it all that counts."

John Wooden

Customer Development Coaching

Throughout our careers, we all need some form of coaching to continually develop professionally. Coaching with Purpose is the next step that your organisation can take to step your customer development teams up to the next level. 

During Coaching with Purpose, your team and their leaders will undertake Face 2 Face learning with one of Coachability's skilled Customer Development Coaches and listen to, review, role play and learn about:

  • Customer Based Solution Selling

  • Relationship Focus

  • Opening, listening and questioning

  • Matching and presenting

  • Handling objections and closing

  • Personalising your Presentation

  • The Mechanics of a Sale

  • Benefits…Not Consequences!

  • Sales research, analysis and planning


Coaching with Purpose will allow you to successfully implement simple yet effective selling processes and ideas. Throughout the training, your team leaders will also be involved to ensure that they can successfully implement the coaching principles learned.

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