"You don’t demand respect,
you earn it.”

Steve Seidler

Mentoring & Leadership Coaching

Once your teams have undertaken Coaching with Purpose, it's your leaders turn! Coach the Coach is the second component of Coachability's pathway to success.

We know that your leaders are all experienced and why they are in their role! Coaching the Coach allows your leaders to refresh and develop their mentoring skills. Coaching the Coach will allow your leaders to:

  • Describe the do's and don’ts of coaching and mentoring

  • Identify their own individual coaching strengths and development areas

  • Use tried and tested learning’s to improve their coaching conversations

  • Prioritise who and what to coach and the likelihood of a pay off

  • Create a follow up plan to continuously improve and maintain the coaching skills with impact on their team

As part of Coach the Coach, your leaders will participate in realistic and thought provoking role playing and constant questioning, 

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