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Are You Speed Training or Coaching?

By Wayne Hodgins

As a business leader, do you traditionally arrange expensive half day training sessions, with a trainer that works 'on the clock', issues a completion of attendance certificate at the end of the session and doesn't follow up with the participants to implement a success strategy? If you said yes to yourself whilst reading this, chances are that you an instigator of speed training.

What is Speed Training?

Traditionally, people learn methodically, through repetition and putting the task into practice in a variety of scenarios which allows them to create and further learn. However, in recent years, many organisations have opted for quick and easy training which ticks a box and allows them to say that they have done what is required. This type of training provides no benefit to those who participate and, in many instances, leave a negative thought process in the mind of the participant about their organisation.

So, it is time to start thinking about whether we are speed training for the sake of it or coaching into success for future development and most importantly, team retention.

Why Coaching is So Important?

Coaching into success allows your teams to:

  • Improve an individual's performance, targets and goals.

  • Increase openness to personal learning and development

  • Increase an individual's ability to identify solutions to work-related issues and most importantly,

  • A greater level of ownership and responsibility and self-awareness of the individual being coached.

We start to spend time with our teams, it is going to see not only an up lift in results however also greater buy in with their leadership team as well as wanting to go to work for your organisation and be a part of the team.

Way too often, organisations take for granted the skill levels of their teams and if you are coaching instead of pushing training through, those individuals who are in need will fall through the cracks and lead to personal development plans or them leaving and we all know the time and cost to the business involved in on boarding a new team member.

Coachability Australia's mantra is "optimising performance through people" which is exactly what I believe coaching into success is all about. If we spend time with our teams and focus on the opportunities, you are going to see success. Don't under-invest if you want to overachieve.

Reach out to me to see how Coachability Australia can assist you with optimising your success through coaching into success. #coaching #salescoaching #coachabilityaustralia #mastereveryturn #carrera

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