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Coach an Individual and Create a Team

We have all undergone some form of training or development over the course of our careers… a broad term; this can encompass anything from a training course to a mentor within your organisation or a coach to address specific life or business challenges.

Coaching has traditionally involved a one-on-one relationship (coach and ‘coachee’) and when the right partnerships are in place is undisputedly effective.

With an ever increasing focus on the need for more learning and development options there is a growing recognition now that coaching can be equally successful when driven through a group format.

Every year Carrera runs a Talent Market Survey and without fail access to learning and development opportunities is listed by job seekers as a top three motivator when considering new employment opportunities. Employees want to learn, grow and develop their skills (particularly high performers!) and there is growing recognition that strong L&D programs boost engagement, retention and performance.

Coaching can be incredibly rewarding for both parties and has one of the highest success rates of any type of development program when it comes to long-term, sustainable behavioural change and performance improvement.

Access to a coach is not always feasible however with organisations managing limited budgets and time constraints – therefore coaching at a team level is gaining momentum as a valuable alternative to individual coaching.

As a sales leader for many years coaching has always been an intrinsic part of my role – I have built and delivered team based coaching sessions in each of my previous roles and have without fail found them to deliver tremendous value in a relatively short time frame. Team coaching sessions are far removed from traditional classroom style learning…. Forget exercise books and listening to a lecture for hours on end! Team-based coaching is all about leading a discussion, encouraging participants to dig deep, engage their minds and come up with solutions outside of their comfort zones. This fosters real personal and professional development!

Coaching at a team level delivers broad benefits that will impact the entire business. Programs are customised to address the unique challenges or opportunities facing the team and a strong coach will be able to tailor the material to cater to individual needs within the group.

Coaching programs are proven to boost engagement, team work, productivity and ultimately have a real impact to the bottom line. Giving your team the edge is critical in today’s competitive sales environment – a team coach can deliver tremendous results and take performance to the next level.

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