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Coaching Tips for Future Success

By Brett Boyle

I have been in variety of roles in my career and throughout my journey, I have experienced various coaching practices, some great and others best not mentioned.

An interesting question I ask of participants in coaching sessions is “tell me about the best coaching experience you have had?”. Most can’t tell me, however if I ask the same group “tell me about some of the worst coaching experiences you’ve had?” half a dozen hands raise immediately.

So, here are some quick coaching tips that will instantly build rapport and productivity: Never assume knowledge No question is silly. If somebody needs something explained, explain it to them! If you spend an extra few minutes explaining something to somebody, others in the room will also learn. Even senior leaders sometimes have a mind blank, so if they do, why can't somebody at a junior level? There’s nothing worse than completing training and knowing that you haven’t learned and still walking away with a certificate of attendance for no reason! Ask the correct questions and find out what your teams strengths are.

Open ended questions Questioning is key as a coach to learning the strengths and opportunities. Even if it’s a 1:1 situation, have 2-3 open ended questions in mind as it will allow you to draw more than a yes or no answer from somebody. Remember, kids ask, "are we there yet?", so instead ask instead "how far are away are we?" and the answer will give you the detail you require.

Be Available After completing a coaching or training session, especially for more technical coaching, don't ghost your participants. Make yourself available, even if its via SMS or email so that rapport is maintained. It will also allow you to continue to find out about future opportunities for development.

The secret to good coaching is being there for your team, making sure you know your trade (and theirs) and going above and beyond. Same applies to good leadership and this is what we do at Coachability Australia, we assist you to optimise performance through people.

Just be prepared for the questions that we’ll ask you. #leadership #coaching #productivity #sales #coachabilityaustralia