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From Maccas to Corporate Coaching!

Coachability Australia's key to success is the people who make up our coaching team. Meet Adriana Halias; super trooper Coachability Consultant, lover of coffee, presentation extraordinaire, ‘spiller of tea’ and all round good egg. There's a food theme here... We sat down with Adriana to talk about what makes her tick and and the value that Adriana sees in coaching.

What was your first job?

"I kicked off my working life at 14 as a McDonald‘s team member, eventually becoming a crew trainer specialising in McCafe."

Why did you become a Crew Trainer?

"I have always wanted to help people and at McDonald’s I received extensive customer experience coaching from crew trainers including greeting, personalising interactions, going above and beyond and focusing on the customer..

I was extremely proud of the fact that I built a barista program that enabled even new team members to pick up a tamp and a cup and create rich, creamy goodness!"

What do you do at Coachability?

"I am a Coachability Consultant which means I work with the coaching team to create specialised programs focusing on customer experience, selling with integrity and purpose and assist people to create their own goals and kick them! Its pretty cool!"

What are you studying?

"A Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Sydney, majoring in Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations. One more year! Woo hoo!"

Tell us something fun about you?

"I'm a rollerblader. I haven't worn them into a coaching session yet. Maybe the next one I will?"

What do you believe is key to a good coach?

"I believe that understanding people is key to fostering and developing productive relationships and I love being able to show young people a path to a career or opportunity. As the Director of Coaching always says, perfect practice makes perfect!"

We are very excited to have Adriana in the team and the positive pony approach that she brings to our team. Most of all, we are all looking forward to seeing Adriana deliver a coaching session in roller blades! Reach out if you are interested in optimising your organisation's performance through your people.

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