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Getting to Know Your New Coach

Brett Boyle, Director of Coaching, is passionate about building successful sales people – Coachability Australia is the fruition of many years of hard work and a life long ambition. This week we chatted to Brett about the journey that has led him here and learned some more about what drives him and makes him tick.

Brett was a people leader in sales for many years - leading teams of sales people across a number of industries in both Australia and the Middle East. His leadership roles have included a lot of sales coaching in corporate environments – both building and delivering classroom bespoke team training programs and coaching 1-1 on the job in stressful environments.

“I saw opportunities to make real, long-lasting change in behaviours – that happens through firstly leading by example but also building programs that are tailored to the needs of a particular group, targeting their unique strengths and development needs”.

Critical to the success of Brett’s coaching programs is his ability to build rapport quickly and make participants feel comfortable early. He does this by having participants share a fun fact about themselves that other’s wouldn’t know:

“once everyone hears how I once sold camels to a Sheikh in the Middle East, we have a few laughs and everyone else is more than happy to tell stories about their 17 cats! It gets the program off to a great start with everyone feeling relaxed and comfortable and willing to share once we get into the grittier stuff”.

So of course then we had to ask Brett for a fun fact that he wouldn’t normally share… Other than a dubious past trading camels (no idea how somebody in the energy efficiency field ends up doing this but that's another story for another time) he confessed a love of koalas (“they are just such cool dudes”) and pugs – he is the proud ‘dog dad’ to two pugs; Stella and Violet who have their own Instagram account are apparently are just glorious!

Brett is a natural story teller and loves to exchange random trivia knowledge and crazy tales of far flung places with the people he meets in his new role. Please reach out to him for more information on +61 415 879 816 on how Coachability can transform the performance of your sales team… or the going rate on camels (shipping not included)…

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