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Leadership is Kind of a Big Deal!

“I'm a manager so therefore it stands that I can coach as well, right?? Well, not always. This is a comment I hear often from Managers, in particular Managers in the people and talent space who do a lot of training however do not necessarily have hands on leadership experience. They’re brilliant managers but not always great at leading people. So, what makes a good leader and coach?

The words ‘manager’ and ‘leader’ are often used interchangeably, yet they hold very different meanings. Managers supervise employees and will often manage to KPIs or tracking input. Leaders, on the other hand, take into account what I call the ‘Three Ps’ – People, Process and Product – which when managed effectively, facilitate growth and organisational success. One cannot work without the other.

Leadership is seldom successful when driven by a dictatorial approach. History shows us that the reign of dictators are almost always short lived as they are always looking for a weakness to exploit, or they simply get fed up with the constant stress of the "what if?".

The most effective leader is collaborative; someone who is willing to actively listen to the advice and feedback of others and integrate this into their own strategy and in turn reward their team for achieving. Leaders who have achieved long-term greatness, have done so by inspiring and bringing people together toward a common goal or purpose.

The most effective leaders also almost always have first-hand experience in the field they are leading. For instance, Sales Leaders may not always be the best salespeople, however they have a comprehensive understanding of the role, which allows them to assess where the coaching opportunities are. Therefore, a good coach is also a good leader, as they must be able to inspire their staff, whilst imparting knowledge and generating effective performance.

We know that the number one reason employees leave their jobs is due directly to the relationship with their Manager. More often than not the Manager’s lack of leadership ability results in a lack of development, poor communication, decreased engagement and sometimes ultimately poor performance. Conversely, an effective Leader can have a tremendous impact on turning around low engagement, boosting productivity, inspiring greater teamwork and innovation and increasing overall business performance.

Investing in developing the leadership capability of Managers will fuel the overall development of the team, giving Managers the skills and confidence to focus on professional development. Managers will then be able to perform a coaching led role in increasing capability of their people, building skills and knowledge. An effective leader helps individuals realise their individual potential while maximising the potential of the entire team.

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