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Meet the New Man About Town!

Coachability Australia has a new recruit. We are excited to introduce you to Wayne Hodgins – Wayne is new to Coachability but brings with him over 30 years of experience in people, process and product leadership.

Wayne began his career as a tool maker and thought, like most that he would stay in that trade for his working life however at the age of 22, Wayne was identified as management material and began on a career trajectory that over the next 15 years involved continued studies in HR, people management, accounting, plastic & rubber techniques as well as manufacturing processes and development.

"I had no idea what I was doing from a management perspective but I was fortunate to be identified as having management potential and Smith & Nephew committed to advance me into management."

At that early point in his career Wayne learnt the value of a mentor in the workplace and attributes some incredible mentors to helping him get where he is while also playing the role himself later in his career.

Wayne’s career has seen him work across multinational companies, SMEs and running his own business. Most recently, Wayne has been the National Solar Sales Manager for Melbourne based Shine On where he was able to utilise his years of experience as a BDM and a coach. Critical to Wayne’s success as a leader and coach is his ability to deconstruct and simplify technical issues facing clients and teams alike. This means he approaches customers with a discussion around understanding how he can solve their problems rather than making a ‘sales pitch’.

"...knowing your client and understanding their business is critical to delivering value. I never go into a meeting or allow a team member to enter a discussion unless we believe our solution could fit the customer or client... This is central to the approach I take in coaching my team and delivering value to my clients”.

Wayne is an experienced coach and trainer; he brings a wealth of experience and engaging style that mean his workshops are in high demand. His humour is well known amongst his networks – coming through in his ‘famous’ quotes such as "well, I can tell you if we don't do X, we're in more trouble than the first settlers!" or our favourite when delivering a coaching session "I haven’t had so much fun standing up in years!”.

We are very excited to have Wayne on board and look forward to great things to come! Please reach out to him on +61 422 849 156 for more information on how Coachability can transform the performance of your sales team… or how to make sure you don't end up like the first settlers...

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