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The Next Generation of Sales Coaching

Remember doing all of that training over the year in a classroom environment that went in one ear and out the other? Sales and Customer Experience Coaching just a whole lot more interesting!

Sales is not traditionally a discipline that has been viewed as needing to be ‘taught’. Traditionally sales people were given tools, a script and often left to their own devices… with some to flourish and many to fail. Recent times have seen a level of sophistication emerge in the sales approach of most businesses but there are many who still struggle to deliver customer-centric and results-driven training programs at all levels of their organisation.

“Traditionally sales people were given tools, a script and often left to their own devices… with some to flourish and many to fail.”

That’s where Coachability Australia comes in… Founded by experienced sales leaders – Michael Floyd and Brett BoyleCoachability Australia was born out of a vision to provide sales focussed coaching and training to organisations that differs from the traditional and targets predominantly territory level sales executives.

Above: Co-Founders Michael Floyd, Group Managing Director of Carrera, Coachability Australia and Engageability, and Brett Boyle, Director of Coachability Australia at Chatswood, NSW.

What Michael and Brett have found is that most organisations they work with are full of potential but have been missing opportunities… whether it be through untapped talent needing some ‘polish’ and skills training, a lack of talent in critical roles; or sales and processes structures that are not addressing customer needs. Coachability Australia programs are designed to uncover these challenges and opportunities and provide tailored training solutions in small group environments that leave participants feeling confident, motivated and engaged. Clients are reporting immediate upward movement of sales results and sustained performance improvement providing immediate and long-term increases in bottom line results.

With more than 40 years of sales leadership experience between them, Michael and Brett are very well aware of the challenges involved in building, developing and leading high performing sales teams. They have designed Coachability Australia programs to address a critical gap in traditional training and coaching solutions and address broader opportunities around engaging high performing talent to increase performance and retention. Call Brett on +61 415 879 816 for more information on optimising your performance through your people.