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Training Doesn’t Change The World, Coaching Does!

We have all been required to undertake company sponsored training programs at some point in our careers. Often these feel like something to be endured…. There can be useful skills to be gained or qualifications to be achieved but more often than not it feels like we are just ticking a box (whether it be ours or our employer’s). When we let go of traditional ‘training’ though and embrace a coaching-led approach with a focus on making programs interesting and interactive, gaining buy-in from participants becomes a much more likely prospect. What we must remember as coaches is that not all of us are the beloved Mr Chips!

Robert Donat (left) in the lead role as the beloved teacher in "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" (1939)

Why then, do trainers not regard themselves more as coaches and mentors as opposed to ticking boxes and uttering the words “during this presentation, you will learn about…” at the beginning of the session? Maybe its time to stand the whole concept of capability on its head and start to “interact” instead of just “act”.

“As coaches, we have proven time and time again coaching is the fastest and most effective way to facilitate real change and get the best out of a team.”.

While traditionally coaching has been considered to be a one-on-one arrangement, we are seeing more and more the success to be had when applying coaching principles into group training or development programs. A coach will facilitate shared learning, forcing participants to dig deep, engage their minds and come up with solutions whilst also taking them out of their comfort zones. This is how people learn and achieve.

We know how incredibly beneficial coaching can be for the engagement, development and retention of employees – particularly high performers. Coaches challenge participants to think differently rather than telling them what to think. Team coaching sessions give employees opportunities to stretch themselves, innovate, collaborate and challenge the status quo.

Every team contains members with different strengths, skills and insights. A coaching approach to team-based learning not only challenges participants to think for themselves rather than be fed information but it critically also gives team members an opportunity to learn from one another – share knowledge and experiences in an inclusive, open and trusting environment. We have seen first-hand the benefits that arise from these programs and the long-term competitive advantage gained by employers who embrace this approach to learning.

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