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Just Provide Really Great Customer Experience!

By Brett Boyle

As a sales coach and a training professional, I have worked with a wide variety of sales and customer experience professionals. Some of the best have started later in their careers and come from a wide variety of backgrounds including chefs, soldiers, tradies and accountants etc and all bring very different methods to the table. Some of the best that I have worked with were in the direct selling space; people who sat at counters, dealt with customer after customer and consistently put across a positive attitude and focus on success.

The wise words of Michael Scott by michaelscotchtape

Direct selling as we know is one of the hardest styles and it requires an entirely different approach to customers than account management. Even if it is a quick initial interaction, the act of building rapport will define your success and what you can do with your client or customer.

Usually in a typical B2B or B2C environment, a “customer experience hero” has less than two minutes to present a product or solution, discover information and gauge the customer's interest, and ultimately close, however when direct selling, you have roughly thirty seconds to complete all of these components as people are in a hurry and want quick gratification. Clearly, it is absolutely critical that a salesperson builds rapport within that introductory period.

What is also important is your consistency with customers. If you have ten people in a line, you greet nine of them with 'Hello, my name is Brett, how may I help you' and the tenth person with “hi, how can I assist you?”, subconsciously, you just lost your chance to upsell because you’ve treated them differently to everybody else. Remember, irrespective of how many people say no, consistency of language and positivity, in conjunction with treating every customer as your first.

Just don't overthink it! Remember, consistency, positivity and asking the right questions will be key to your success in direct sales and ensure that people remember you and your brand.

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