• Brett Boyle

Why Leaders are Focusing on Coaching

2021 is our year, right? Everything was supposed to change in 2021 with the world returning to normal and getting back into the swing of things. Then week one hit, the world took a huge gulp, political leaders both home and abroad grew a few more grey hairs, borders closed, reopened, closed again and some people decided that they had had enough of their leaders and protested and that's just the last fortnight!

So far, it would seem that 2021 will be as much of a rollercoaster ride as the previous and the old ways of doing things are no more. However, what if the old is the new and we have just forgotten why the old ways worked so well? Enter the multi-faceted, dynamic, people leader who now not only leads and manages a team but is now the team coach, just as the master tradesperson of old used to. Can we still do this? Of course we can!

In the last 12 months, I have spoken with senior business leaders in a variety of industries under pressure who ask the same question; "how do they look for new ways to help their teams outperform competitors?" Its very simple, support your leaders with effective in house and external and lateral coaching.

My first business mentor, Trevor Summerville spent 37 years working for Telecom (now Telstra), starting as a teenage telephone switchboard operator at Macksville in Northern New South Wales and retired as the Chief Accountant (before the title of CFO existed). It was through Trevor that I gained my love of helping people and learning new skills. At 60, Trevor started a technology business with me and reinvented himself and always said:

"Think outside the square, mate. How do we get from Point A to Point B? Don't worry about C; if we understand how to do the first two steps, the rest will follow"

This always rang true with me because it was logical and step by step and through Trevor I learned how to decomplicate big opportunities into small, bite size solutions. In a recent coaching session with a team leader and their team, a remark was made:

"Too many times, we go to a conference, sit through a presentation by an external trainer and a box is ticked and everybody goes home and forgets about it. That is not coaching and what we have here is an opportunity to learn and develop over a longer period of time, so embrace it!"

When executed in conjunction with leaders, external coaching is effective because it gives a lateral perspective to a team and also provides the organisation's leaders with valuable skill development to then put what was coached into action.

So as master tradespeople, how do we make our teams job simpler so that they can affect change? Remember when coaching:

  • Be realistic and accurate in your performance criteria

  • Create easy to use communication (Signal and iMessage groups are a quick and easy way to engage with your teams, use to praise, inquire and share ideas. Remember. its not for sharing photos of your animals and kids - unless somebody wants to see my pugs and then its totally acceptable)

  • Feedback to your team in real time and

  • Set clear objectives, stick to these and praise when achieved

Ask yourself a question; Are you the leader who stands at the front and says "follow me" or are you the manager that says "go forward and let me know if you need anything"? A good coach and leader will always lead the way and show and demonstrate how to succeed and when we combine old with new, we have a powerful opportunity to make change happen..

Reach out to me on 02 9410 4500 to discuss your sales coaching needs today. 2021 is your time as a leader to shine, so lets do it together!