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Social Media Coaching - Leveraging LinkedIn™

On average, we spend 91 minutes per day on social media and your employees on these networks represent a huge opportunity! In an agile, offsite environment LinkedIn usage increases by 300% and therefore an invaluable client communications channel.

2020 has proven to be a time for game changing and its an incredible time for brands and individuals. Employees on LinkedIn have 10 times the audience and twice the engagement of company pages, so lets take advantage of this opportunity.

Coachability Australia and our strategic social media partners at Levity Coaching have developed an interactive program called "Leveraging LinkedIn™".


During Leveraging LinkedIn™, you learn how to:

  • Understand LinkedIn and how to use the network

  • Develop your personal brand and build an audience and

  • Use conversations and content to leverage your network

Leveraging LinkedIn™ will also allow you to develop a holistic understanding of:


  • The fundamentals of LinkedIn in 2020

  • How to develop a polished online presence

  • How to build an audience of relevant stakeholders, clients, and key organisations

  • How to involve yourself in relevant conversations

  • How to publish content on chosen networks

  • How to curate and create valuable content

  • How to leverage your network on LinkedIn

  • How to build your personal brand & thought leadership

  • How to avoid a crisis


Our coaching team has worked with brands including PwC, ING and other organisations to effectively deliver social media coaching, so reach out today and take advantage of this exciting program. Leverage LinkedIn™ today.

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