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Wayne Hodgins

Coachability Consultant

I began my career as a tool maker. If anybody had told the 20 year old me that one day I would be a people, process and product leader, having worked in senior management roles, business development positions and run my own businesses, I would never have believed it! The truth is though that working my way up from the bottom has given me a grounding and a deep understanding of what an organisation needs to succeed. 


​In my more than 30 years of experience I have worked across a variety of industries including energy efficiency, manufacturing and consumer goods. My varied career and industry experience has allowed me to understand a business from the ground up which is important for people, process and product leaders to take advantage of change and shift their focus quickly and efficiently. 


Whilst there are differences between product and service organisations, the core improvements and successes come back to the two main objectives; managing change and leading people. I specialise in ensuring that key people deliver to drive results through having a full complement of "tools" to make it happen. 


I am immensely excited to be able to impart my years of experience onto a new generation of leaders and professionals.

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